Mark Lacas - DjML

Musician, Artist, DJ, Filmmaker, Technologist

Mark Lacas (LMG - Lick My Grooves - SEA) Mark is a veteran electronic music composer, producer, musician, and technologist. Mark (AKA DjML) is also known for spinning vinyl in headliner slots in the Seattle underground dance scene, as well as producing highly regarded DJ mixes.

DjML has been a Seattle staple in the Burning Man arena, as well as warehouse parties, and local clubs such as Marcus', where he held residency for 2 years. Other residencies include: Sea Sound Lounge, ToST, Premier and Club 722.

Mark's original music spans many genres but generally in the fusion of electronic and rock. As DjML he has crafted an eclectic and progressive European sound with a mix of House, Techno, Trance and Break Beats. His mixes have an epic quality that excite and inspire. DjML has played the West Coast from Vancouver to California and Hawaii.